Cyber Security

IANUS Technologies LTD provides a range of professional cybersecurity services, all aligned with the stringent standards of ISO 27001:2022.
Our offerings include:

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Auditing

  • Our auditing process is meticulous, encompassing careful planning, risk assessment, and a detailed examination of security controls. We conduct exhaustive tests, such as penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, and provide thorough reports with practical recommendations. Regular follow-up audits are conducted to ensure that remediation efforts are effective, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and resilience against ever-changing cyber threats.
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Development and Implementation of Information Security Policies and IT Procedures

  • We specialize in creating robust, tailor-made Information Security Policies and IT Procedures. Our policies are crafted to meet the highest standards of operational security and compliance with regulations. We ensure these policies and procedures align with the latest industry standards and best practices, providing a comprehensive strategy to protect your digital assets and uphold the integrity of your IT infrastructure.

Customized Information Security Officer Services

  • Our service offers specialized expertise in security management and strategic defence planning. We provide organizations with a dedicated expert, well-versed in cyber threats and ISO 27001 standards, to oversee and improve cybersecurity measures. This personalized service ensures that each client’s specific security needs are addressed effectively, utilizing the latest knowledge and techniques in the field.
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Security Awareness Training

  • Our training programs are designed to heighten employee awareness and vigilance in cybersecurity. These engaging and interactive sessions are tailored to each organization’s needs, covering current cyber threats, best practices, and compliance requirements. By equipping employees with crucial knowledge and skills, we empower them to be an active part of the organization’s defence against cyber attacks.