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"The adage that prevention is better than the cure never seemed more fitting"

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Globally, we are ‘losing the battle’ against online child sexual abuse and exploitation

2PS, which stands for Prevent & Protect Through Support is a highly innovative action offering a paradigm shift in the approach to tackling child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSAE) across Europe.

Our consortium offers an innovative web service with links to the DarkWeb and Clearnet to: 

  • actively recruit and deter Minor Attracted Person (MAPs), Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) users and other Individuals at Risk (IAR)
  • provide suitable links to support programmes, treatment and initiatives that can actively help MAPs reduce the likelihood of consuming CSAM and engaging in CSAE-related actions.

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What does this platform offer?

  • Τhe 2PS team developed a new innovative platform used to provide MAPs and CSAM users with access to the most relevant content and services for their specific needs.
  • The platform is paired with a ‘chat’ functionality that will first facilitate anonymous dialogue between users and a team of support agents trained for the task and supervised by a doctor with extensive experience in sexual medicine and providing treatment to the target group. 
  • Thus, ensuring users have their questions answered and they receive the most relevant guidance.

Dynamic Content


Dynamically direct users to the relevant support services based on their precise needs and requirements


Total anonymity


All data is captured anonymously through end-to-end encryption algorithms that prevent data leakage to third party software.