Biotoxins pose significant challenges to current crisis management approaches. Existing concepts of operation, derived from Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear doctrines, and Union Civil Protection Mechanism initiatives, do not address the distinctive and highly complex attributes of a biotoxin crisis. EMBRACE aims to improve Europe’s capacity to respond effectively to biotoxin incidents.

EMBRACE will consolidate and apply scientific and clinical knowledge of biotoxins to revise response protocols and deliver innovative solutions specifically tailored to address gaps and needs identified in current provision. Highlights include analysis of biotoxins not previously addressed in this context, risk-based recommendations for PPE and novel decontaminants, in vitro studies to identify human biomarkers of exposure, novel samplers, portable biosensors and field diagnostics devices, and software tools to assist responders in biothreat risk assessment. To ensure intersectoral and cross-border interoperability of these solutions and successful commercialisation of our exploitable assets, we will prioritise a carefully planned standardisation and valorisation programme.

EMBRACE will engage with existing initiatives and projects to create a vibrant biotoxin knowledge network; a multi-sectoral community of stakeholders, on the basis of which a sustainable Biotoxin Task Force will be established as a source of expertise and guidance on biotoxin incidents both for EMBRACE and the wider community. The network of stakeholders and EMBRACE’s ambitious programme of scientific, technological, and operational advances will be supported by the creation of a biotoxin reference and stakeholder hub designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and provide users with direct access to widely distributed and expertise.

Finally, EMBRACE’s innovative sustainability strategy will ensure that its solutions and the biotoxin community continue to thrive beyond the duration of the project.


In the EMBRACE project, IANUS leads WP7 and is responsible for design and development of the Biotoxin Reference Hub and biothreat risk assessment framework.