European funding experts

IANUS offers innovative solutions and management services in a large area of R&D projects.

At IANUS, we help you receive impactful European funding for a wide variety of research projects and collaborate with you to plan and carry out these projects. From starting new proposals to managing the consortium, we have you covered, taking the lead in the proposal drafting and management based on well-established working methods.

European Funding services

  • Our experience and deep knowledge of multiple European R&D projects in the last decades allow us to turn ideas into solid, meaningful proposals, ranging from the identification of strategic actors and industry stakeholders to the preparation of technical, administrative and financial proposals. At IANUS, we ensure that each proposal is supported by a comprehensive and realistic approach, based on global partnerships.

Contract drafting with the European Commission

  • Securing well-written contracts is key to a good working relationship with the European Commission. Our experienced legal and technical team works together to make sure all the details, including administrative, financial and legal aspects, are correct and up to date with the most recent laws and regulations. This gives our clients a strong base for success, while our management approach also makes sure there’s thorough financial oversight following the European Commission’s rules and guidelines.

Agile Project Management

  • After the proposal is approved, we strive to turn your project into a success. Based on our many years of experience in the field, our consultants take charge of the administrative, financial and legal aspects, employing well acclaimed agile project management methodologies and financial monitoring tools. This ensures we hit key milestones and achieve desired outcomes on time and keeping you on track, while effortlessly managing personnel effort dedicated to the project.

Strategic Positioning

  • Our consultancy doesn’t stop at funding; it’s about setting our clients apart as pioneers in their subsequent domains. Leveraging IANUS’s expertise across a variety of sectors and EU-funded R&D projects – including security, defense, disaster resilience, law enforcement and the technology sector – we establish partnerships with globally recognized, well-established industry leaders, actors and organizations. These worldwide collaborations with globally recognized leaders strengthen our partnerships and elevate our clients’ positions in key European R&D projects. This approach showcases IANUS’s dedication not only to navigating the financial aspects with success, but also leading and fostering collaborations in strategic global initiatives in the relevant sectors.

Tailored Training

  • It’s important to keep up with evolving trends and opportunities for growth because nowadays, things always change and shifting at an exponential rate. At IANUS, we provide our clients with the specific information and training they need to make smart choices, tailored to their needs. We can also lead the way in creating training curricula and platforms to help our clients reach top levels of knowledge uptake.