Across Europe society is changing due to demographic, technological and economic developments. Communities are getting more diverse, both in real life and online. This challenges Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to engage with, and to reassure, communities about safety and security matters in a trustful way.

The changing status quo is significantly shaping perceptions of policing, requiring adaptive strategies. To address these challenges, the KOBAN project will create an innovative, research and practice-based Community Policing (CP) initiative, adopting an evidenced based approach. It will focus on co-creation and collaborative security between LEA and non-LEA community members, leading to mutual trust and respecting each other’s contributions. This results in a greater sense of security, whilst contributing to an overall increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of securing all communities including those who are often considered hard to reach and engage. KOBAN’S Capability Model will identify proven methodologies, models, technologies, tools and best practices, and use them as a foundation for future proactive, co-active and reactive CP capabilities.

This knowledge will help to build the AI Assistant as well as the App Factory for the development of further CP tools, methods and solutions tailored to the needs of stakeholders and adhering to social, legal, cultural, ethical and gender equality standards. These will be tested and validated in six pilot projects throughout Europe.

KOBAN will support capacity building, embedding knowledge, skills and capabilities within organisations and communities leading to bespoke training for both police personnel, municipalities and citizens. In short, KOBAN will lead a cultural and organisational transformation that address current fundamental barriers to effective community policing. With its Capability Driven Approach, KOBAN is setting the stage for future-proof community policing, both online and in the real world.


IANUS is the Work Package Leader for WP6 “Dissemination, Communication and Sustainability” managing the relevant dissemination, communication, exploitation and sustainability actions within the framework of this project. More specifically, IANUS manages engagement through various C&D activities including events, workshops, awareness raising activities, and contribution to the development of an exploitation and sustainability strategy that will help leverage and exploit the results after the project ends. IANUS is also the Leader of T6.1 “Communication and Dissemination Plan & Activities” and T6.3 “Design, develop and maintain KOBAN Knowledge Repository”. Furthermore, IANUS is the Task Leader for T3.4 “Multifaced Intelligence Dashboard for Community Policing (CP)” within the framework of WP3 “Development of solutions for effective future-proof community policing”, focusing on the development of an intelligent dashboard for CP, catering to both LEAs and citizens. Finally, IANUS is actively, contributing in T1.3 “Stakeholder management and external cooperation” facilitating the structured identification of external stakeholders, networks, agencies, EU and national projects and communities relevant for KOBAN and T1.4 “Identify and describe lessons learned on project level”. IANUS also is a significant contributor in T3.1 “KOBAN App Factory” which aims at developing the ‘KOBAN App Factory’ that empowers LEAs to effortlessly create, design, and deploy (mobile) apps for citizen use in the context of targeted community policing.