Project Management

Introducing IANUS’ Project Management Tool


  • IANUS Project Management tool is a cloud-based service, based on Microsoft’s Power BI, used to gather data from different sources into a single set for data visualizations, evaluation, analysis and insights through sharable reports, dashboards and apps.
  • It is the most efficient and user-friendly way for data analysis, allowing users to consolidate data from multiple sources, create interactive dashboards, evaluate data, generate insightful reports, and share with others.
  • Project Management tool can run both on-premise and in the cloud and can import data from local databases, cloud sources, big data, Excel files, and other hybrid sources.

Financial Reporting

  • Offers easy and effort-free financial reporting, allowing for dynamic filtering on specific Date ranges and showing Person Month consumption, company costs and employee hours for all Work Packages, for the financial period requested.
  • Enables user-friendly insights on each project’s working employee hours, Work Package allocations, distributions and consumptions for each year of the project.

Person Hours Management

  • Allows efficient tracking of the total working hours of each one employee in every project.
  • Offers further classification of the working hours per year and per month for each one employee.

Company Insights

  • Provides a diverse array of comprehensive and visually appealing visualizations to track the company’s total working hours of each employee, the total budget consumption and the annual consumptions.
  • Allows for quick and dynamic filtering by Year, by Month and by Employee for easier data analysis and financial reporting.
  • Project Managers can easily identify economic underperformance or overspending, enhancing both the accuracy and speed for allocation of resources.

Project Handling

  • Leverage our Project Management tool to swiftly uncover insights from both structured and unstructured data, regarding the total financial status of the allocated budget for each project.
  • Project Managers can take advantage of dashboard information in order to extract specific information that offers valuable financial analysis on the company’s available budget per project.

Holistic Financial Management

  • A holistic solution that provides a diverse array of comprehensive and visually appealing dashboards to track the overall financial project progress from start to end.
  • Understanding project financial data will enhance the value of your company’s data and with access to the right information, you can tackle real business challenges that impact your company’s model.