Risk and EvaluAtion of CBRN Threats

A web-based platform for tracking and identifying CBRN threats in the battlefield based on wearable sensors.





REACT Technology at a Glance

Real Time Threat Detection

Heatmap Visualization

Training and Preparedness

Seamless communication with C2 centres

User-Friendly and Adaptable Interface

Decision support system

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Real-Time CBRN Threat Monitoring and Alert System

The platform revolutionizes battlefield safety and operational awareness by providing real-time monitoring of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) threats through wearable sensors ensuring that both individual users on the field and the Command and Control center receive immediate alerts when CBRN threats are detected. Instant notifications to users and C&C centers when action is required, enable rapid response to mitigate risks.

Command and Control Center Enhancement

A centralized dashboard offers a complete picture of CBRN threats, the precise geolocation of users on the field, enabling strategic decisions at a glance. The platform provides actionable insights and recommendations, assisting commanders in determining the best courses of action to protect their teams. Ensures seamless, continuous communication between field personnel and the C&C center, critical for coordinating responses to dynamic threats.

Advanced Mapping and Situational Awareness

Advanced mapping system that employs heatmap technology to visualize the intensity and distribution of CBRN threats across the battlefield. This feature provides a clear, intuitive overview of safety hazards, enhancing situational awareness and strategic planning. The detailed awareness provided by the heatmap aids in the efficient allocation of resources and personnel to address the most critical threats.