SEcuRity Vulnerability assEssment

Built in-house and is focused on enhancing the security assessment of all public spaces. SERVE innovative functionality allows users to assess the risk, impact, and attractiveness of any public space.

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Selection of Area of Interest

Ability to visually mark public spaces on a map for assessment allowing users to specify exactly which areas they wish to evaluate, providing a spatial context that is critical for accurate security analysis. By marking a public space, users can pinpoint locations with precision, enabling the tool to consider unique geographical and structural factors that influence security vulnerabilities. 

Selecting Threat

Selection of threats (Sharp Object attack, Chemical Attack, UA VIED etc.) of a predefined existing list allowing users to customize their security assessments based on the types of risks most relevant to the marked public space. This component acknowledges that different locations face distinct threats based on factors like their function, visibility, and symbolic value and is designed to enhance the utility and effectiveness of the security vulnerability assessment by focusing on the most pertinent threats. 

Assessing Impact, Risk, and Attractiveness

To evaluate the potential impact, risk and attractiveness of a threat at a public space, a wizard guides users through a series of questions aimed at understanding the severity of the selected threat. For each of the three abovementioned types of calculation, different series of questions have been identified. Some of the aspects that the questions cover are: the intention of the attacker, the environmental damages, economical losses, societal and political impact of the selected threat to the selected/marked public space. Incorporated questions regarding the existing protection measures, accessibility, and the iconic or symbolic value of the public space into the SERVE tool’s assessment wizard enhances the tool’s ability to evaluate security vulnerabilities and strengths of the assessed public space.